Pirelli 80/100-21 MX32 Mid-Soft Front MX Tyre
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Pirelli 80/100-21 MX32 Mid-Soft Front MX Tyre

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Pirelli Scorpion MX tyres are purpose built to handle specific motocross terrain. Knob size and type, tyre construction and profile, as well as the rubber compounds have all been designed for maximum performance. These dirt bike tyres are effective in all conditions of use - competition, training or just for fun!

~ Specifically designed for soft surfaces such as mud or sand and intermediate surfaces such as grass or compact and dry ground
~ Double layer compound provides maximum resistance to heat and dynamic stresses for reliability of performance, lap after lap during races
~ Tread pattern and compounds developed with the contribution of the most prestigious players in MX competitions
~ V-shaped knobs improve braking stability and cornering side grip
~ Front tyre tread features directional arrow block layout to optimize contact with the ground, granting maximum traction and precision in cornering
~ Front tyre lateral blocks optimized to ensure precision in the trajectory set
~ Directional front design offers maximum braking performance with maximum steering precision, especially on softer terrain
~ Excellent traction on all surfaces to ensure the maximum transmission of power to the ground
~ Performance tyre with excellent durability, even in extreme motocross and supercross racing conditions
~ Increased performance and reduced weight offer stability and cornering bite
~ World class competition tyre with over 60 MX World Championship titles
~ This dirt bike tyre is a tube type
~ These dirt bike tyres are M rated for speeds up to 81 mph
~ Not rated for street/highway use