RST Hitop Moto Sneaker Mens CE Waterproof Boot
Bike Force Rotorua Motorcycles Limited

RST Hitop Moto Sneaker Mens CE Waterproof Boot

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This is the ultimate moto sneaker. A sneaker for when you are off the bike and a boot for when you are on the bike. With ankle protection, and integrated toe box, including classic styling, the HiTop is a real multi-functioning boot.

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  • CE Certification Rating: CE Certified
  • Heel Protection: Integrated
  • Ankle Protection: Integrated


  • Main Outer Material: Suede
  • Waterproof Version with SinAqua Lining
  • Ventilation: Perforated Toe Box
  • Closure: Lace
  • Shank: Polycarbonate Anti Twist Midsole
  • Sole: Urban


  • Toe Box: Reinforced


  • Urban