Bike Force Rotorua Motorcycles UZ50 Scooter in White


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Ride it on your car licence and beat that traffic nightmare. This stylish street cruiser will impress with its environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, fuel-injected, 4-stroke engine and automatic transmission, just twist and go!

Let Suzuki’s reliability and reputation for quality take you where you want to go and gain some freedom.


  • Suzuki Eco Performance technology
  • Fuel consumption improved 17% (Measured in the Worldwide Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC)
  • Cruising distance increased 24%
  • New cylinder head with Semi-Direct Injection, newly designed camshaft and smaller intake valve
  • SCEM plated cylinder changed to Cast Iron cylinder with a newly designed piston.
  • Backup condenser charges up to allow FI system to work without a battery when using the kick start (RM-Z feature)
  • New headlight and new Hayabusa styled rear end
  • Helmet holder hook to allow the user to hang helmet outside the trunk.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • L-shaped tyre valves to make tyre pressure checking A LOT easier